for an unrivalled ceilidh

Dorset Ceilidh provide the ultimate contemporary ceilidh experience. Led by traditional musicians of the highest calibre they provide the traditional ceilidh music in a refreshingly upbeat style to keep you and your guests dancing the night away.

Dorset Ceilidh are a professional ceilidh band gigging all over southern England and are led by superb, second generation Dorset folk musicians. If you are planning a ceilidh for your event, Dorset Ceilidh are what you need.

What exactly is a ceilidh?

Ceilidhs, barn dances, hoedowns and ceilis are much the same thing but with regional twists. With Dorset Ceilidh out emphasis is on fun, so we play a variety of our favourite melodies from a huge repertoire of Scottish, Irish and English traditional tunes.

Ceilidhs are an excellent way of adding an inclusive twist to your event and are a great way of getting your guests to mingle. An experienced 'dance caller' will guide them and we generally start out with easy dances and maybe progress to things a little trickier if it looks like they are getting the hang of it. You do not need any prior experience of dancing, our caller will guide you through. Our emphasis is on fun not perfect footwork!

 We select our favourite tunes and pair them with popular dances including:


Dashing White Sargeant
The Gay Gordans
The Cumberland Square Eight
Flying Scotsman
Strip the Willow
Lucky Number 7
Estonian Gay Gordans


Military Two Step
Virgina Reel
The Boston Tea Party
The Siege of Ennis
The Waves of Tory
The Willow Tree
Witches Reel

Bridge of Athalone

 Between dances

If your guests need a rest we are fortunate to have excellent singers in our midst and can entertain them with a variety of sweet Scottish airs, rowdy Irish pub songs and some modern covers. We are happy to judge appropriate material on the night or you can let us know your preference before hand.

 Will everyone dance?

At most gigs we find some people will catch the dancing bug and want to dance all evening. Others will dance one or two then go and socialise in between before coming back. It's a superb way of getting different age groups mixing and provides a fun backdrop and talking point when others are dancing. We can even arrange very simple dances for young children to have a go!

 I also want a Highland Piper/harp/disco etc.

We have been in the music business a long time and are fortunate to count many world-class traditional musicians as our friends. Just let us know if you require someone to pipe in your haggis or play relaxing music while your guests eat.

We usually divide the ceilidh into two halves. During the break you are very welcome to plug your IPod or laptop into our excellent sound system. We use a better rig than most discos so it'll sound great. Alternatively we can provide a selection of recorded traditional music in the break.

There is also the option of hiring the sound system and lighting rig for a late disco from your IPod to carry on the party when the ceilidh finishes.

 Just go to the Make Enquiry page and fill in the form.